Prisma Monetization – Emmy award winning PRISMA enables Advertising and/or Alternate content & Blackout content insertion on any applicable workflow (Live, Near-Live or Non-Live) across Broadcast and IP networks delivering the maximum monetization potential and ensuring full compliance with linear distribution rights…  >>>

Aquila Streaming – The Emmy® award winning Aquila Streaming solution enables OTT media delivery service on any network with a broadcast like experience while creating new revenue streams with digital dynamic ad-insertion. Aquila Streaming is a complete live streaming solution that enables you to launch OTT media delivery services rapidly, without compromising on the experience for the consumer… >>>

Aquila Broadcast – The Emmy® award winning Aquila Broadcast solution enables broadcasters, operators, and service providers to efficiently and reliably transmit live video content to viewers… >>>

Nevion Virtuoso – Versatility at your fingertips

Your organization needs to be increasingly nimble and agile, so you need a real-time media transport, processing and monitoring solution that is highly versatile and adaptable.

Introducing Nevion Virtuoso, the standards-based, virtualization-ready, software-defined media node that can perform a variety of real-time functions in the converged IP LAN/WAN network.

With its functionality easily modified in the field through software, Nevion Virtuoso puts versatility at your fingertips – enabling you to achieve a faster time-to-production and greater cost-effectiveness…


Monitors engineered for all – Plura monitoring solutions were designed, engineered and built based on worldwide involvement with different technology segments, learned through hands-on experience which products were of high quality and value. The knowledge and experience that came from dealing with so many national & international projects from different types of applications ultimately led Plura engineering team to invent and create new technologies and products that comply with all the current and future video media standards from ST-259M/C to high complex IP ST-2110, ST-2022-7 & ST-2082… >>>

Plura timing + Synchronization tools – Plura Timing/Synchronization solutions are engineered for the future. digital broadcast and professional video production applications based on more than 45 years of timecode technology experience… >>>


Telos Infinity VIP – New to the Telos Infinity family is Telos Infinity® Virtual Intercom Platform (VIP), the first fully featured Cloud-based intercom system. It delivers sophisticated comms virtually, making Cloud-based media production workflows available on any device—smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet… >>>

Linear Acoustic LA-5291 – Professional Audio Encoder allows you to create an exciting and immersive Dolby Atmos® experience via a Dolby Digital Plus JOC bitstream for production workflows, platforms, and delivery streams that do not require Dolby AC-4. The LA-5291 offers decoding, encoding, and transcoding to and from PCM and select Dolby® coded formats for up to 16 audio channels… >>> 

Linear Acoustic LA-5300 – The Linear Acoustic LA-5300 is a versatile broadcast audio processor for TV that caters to both ATSC 3.0 and Non-ATSC.30 environments… >>>

SDN Control

Orchestration and SDN control

IGMP management since PIM is used on each router to route multicast traffic works well with high bit rate video multicasts, but as IGMP is not bandwidth aware, it’s best to use an SDN system for flow orchestration.

Nevion VideoIPath

SDI to IP Media Gateway

SDI<->IP ST2110

Nevion Virtuoso 

SDI<->IP ST2022-6

Nevion Virtuoso 

Nevion Virtuoso 

IP Multicast in Enterprise Network


IP Media Routers with high-performance layer 2,
layer 3 media aggregation
and support for Openflow v1.3

IEEE 1588 PTP Grandmasters and NTP Servers

Software Defined Playout

Vowos Compose

AI-Automated Sports Production

Pixellot Prime 


3G-SDI compact router series enabled for 4K/UHD

Nevion Sublime X2

3G-SDI compact router series enabled for 4K/UHD with option for redundant cross-point, redundant controller and multi-core signal processor. Up to 8 independent processing cores including clean switch, audio embedding and AES routing.
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